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Wash House Wednesday – Pinos del Valle

20 de Diciembre de 2017

One of the most emblematic constructions in the Lecrín Valley villages is the wash house. Water is ever present in Granada and the Lecrín Valley is no exception. Of course, not all the villages are near a river but the water flows underground or from springs in the hillsides. In days long gone, the village fountains were the only source of water for domestic use. Often the wash house was built nearby the fountain, thus becoming the centre of village daily life. In recent years many of these fountains and wash houses have been restored, gaining a place as a monument to be proud of.


In the village of Pinos del Valle, just 5 kms from Restábal, there is a wash house in each “barrio” or quarter, each being near a fountain. Even today, many of the local women go frequently to fill bottles and carafes of fresh spring water for drinking and cooking. Tap water is very good but they say they notice a difference which I don’t doubt, water straight from the spring has an earthy taste which is difficult to improve upon.

Post and photos by Susan at Casa Tagomago

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